Megan Grajeda


Megan Grajeda publicity assistant photoRaised in Austin, Texas, Megan Grajeda joined the Cave Henricks Communications team after graduating from Trinity University in San Antonio.  With a degree in English under her belt, it seems as if books have always played a prominent role in her life.

“I’ve always been that friend who loads your arms up with stacks of books,” she says.  “As much as I love reading, I love sharing and talking about what I’m reading even more.”

Megan discovered her passion for generating publicity and communicating her message as a leader of various university organizations and through internship experience at diverse non-profits.  Her position as both staff member and Events Committee Chair of The Trinity Review, Trinity University’s literature and arts magazine, fostered an appreciation for celebrating and exposing her peers’ creative endeavors.

But, it was through her role as both host and co-host of varying radio shows throughout Texas that she was inspired to pursue a career in media relations.  As she snatched up the opportunity to interview prominent social leaders and activists for these shows, Megan relished the occasion to spread their powerful ideas and moving work to widespread attention.

Under the expertise and direction of Cave Henricks Communications, Megan combines her media experience and love of books to bring and expand an author’s message to the public through various outlets.