Leading with Intention

Every Moment Is a Choice

Mindy Hall

Copper Bay Press, October 2014

Every interaction is an opportunity.
Every action has an impact.
Every moment is a choice.

Every interaction—whether you’re presenting to an entire organization or talking one-on-one with a colleague—is an opportunity to influence and inspire others to achieve extraordinary results. Your ability to do that depends on two factors:

  • How aware you are of your impact
  • The care and discipline with which you choose your actions, day-by-day, moment-by-moment

Leading with Intention challenges you to make a profound, deliberate mark on both your organization and the world around you. Informed by over 25 years of experience with leaders in Fortune 50 companies, biotech start-ups, financial services firms, and non-profit organizations, Leading with Intention provides real-life examples and practical tools for increasing your awareness and being more deliberate in your choices. You’ll want to apply its lessons immediately, and return to it again and again as a trusted resource.

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About the Author

Mindy Hall, Ph.D. is the President and CEO of Peak Development Consulting, LLC and author of Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice. Since founding Peak Development in 1996, she has worked with clients throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Asia to create sustainable organization and leadership development solutions. Clients include leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, technology, insurance, manufacturing, government and nonprofit organizations, several of which are among the Fortune 50.

Hall has over 25 years of experience in organization and leadership development. Prior to founding Peak Development, her corporate career spanned positions in the pharmaceutical and banking industries, including experience in global roles and as an expatriate in Paris. She began her career as the director of a nonprofit, 24-hour crisis center and has always been surprised how transferable the skills were from crisis center to corporate work.

She holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, and her doctoral dissertation, “Deep Learning: A Case Study Exploration” was published in paperback in 2011. She also holds Master’s Degrees in both Organization Development and Human Resources Management.

Hall hosts the podcast Peak Development Radio, featuring great conversations and practical advice for making your organization stronger. Guests have included leaders from Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, Novartis, Pfizer, Biogen Idec and more.