The Third Screen

Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile

Chuck Martin

Nicholas Brealey, May 2011

A new breed of customer has emerged—and they’re in charge. The smartphone has enabled consumers to be plugged in, always on, and completely in control in a way that changes the fundamental assumptions of marketing and customer service. Businesses have already adjusted to reaching consumers in the digital world, but connecting with them in a mobile world requires a new set of principles and best practices.

In The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile, Chuck Martin—CEO of Mobile Future Institute and Director of the Center for Media Research at MediaPost Communications—offers a roadmap that will help companies understand both why and how to interact with customers through mobile platforms. Through original research and interviews with industry leaders, Martin offers an overview of the mobile landscape—the mobile startups, the businesses that leverage those services, and the “m-powered” customers. What’s more, he offers a horizontal view of the ways companies can connect with customers in the space—from simple text messaging campaigns to sophisticated location-based marketing, and everything in between.

Going beyond a mere exploration of the technological advances that are being made in the field of m-commerce, Martin lays out the new laws of mobile marketing in full, equipping managers, chief marketing executives, and business owners looking to connect with their customers with the full range of mobile marketing options.

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About the Author

Chuck Martin has been a leading pioneer in the digital interactive marketplace for more than a decade. Martin is CEO of Mobile Future Institute and Editor of the mCommerce Daily at MediaPost Communications, where he writes the daily MobileShopTalk column.

He is the author of numerous books, including Mobile Influence: The New Power of the Consumer and The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile, in which he defines the implications, strategies and tactics for businesses to thrive in the mobile revolution. The books link the technological developments to the behavioral changes that go hand-in-hand and reveals the unexpected aspects of the coming changes in mobile, preparing marketers and businesspeople for what is looming in the near future.

He also is the author of The Smartphone Handbook: A Quick & Easy Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Phone.

The Mobile Future Institute is a U.S-based think tank that focuses on business strategies and marketing tactics for a world gone mobile. Martin is an expert in the Internet of Everything (IoE) and beacons. He also is a New York Times business bestselling book author of books including The Digital Estate, Net Future, and Max-e-Marketing in the Net Future (co-author). He is also a former Vice President of IBM.