Social Media Partnership

CHCandSheltonSocial media has been a major part of the work Cave Henricks Communications has done for authors and publishers since opening our doors in 2007; however with each passing year, the importance of integrating successful digital media strategies for our clients and their books has grown. No longer operating in silos, both must work hand-in-hand for a successful book launch.

In a step that significantly expands the social media emphasis for each title CHC represents, the company has formed a strategic partnership with Shelton Interactive, a digital marketing agency founded by book industry veteran Rusty Shelton.

Shelton heads up the agency’s work with CHC authors, focusing on developing unique social media strategies for each client and equipping them to build sustainable online platforms that last far beyond the launch of a single book.

The process starts with an online brand audit, reviewing each client’s current online platform and developing a social media strategy focused on measurable goals in support of the broader book launch. The social media strategy is then integrated with traditional outreach so that one extends and compliments the other. The coordination continues with weekly conference calls, interactive campaign development and online outreach on behalf of the book.

By bringing all of these services under one roof, this partnership allows CHC clients to avoid fragmenting their strategies and spending more money by having to hire both a publicity firm and a social media agency.

Learn more about Shelton Interactive.