DIY Book Publicity: What Every Author Can Do

DIY Book PUblicity

I regularly meet with new authors eager for attention for their work. For many, a full-time publicist isn’t an option. Fortunately, today’s media landscape is rife with opportunity for the DIYer. I was inspired to put together this short list of suggestions after more than two decades of working in book publicity and, very recently, becoming an author myself. Is it subjective? Yes. But I guarantee that it’s a great place to start when you find yourself thinking you should do “something” about your PR.
These tips are specifically for those promoting their own work, but if you have a publicist, they’re still a great place to start and will make you an awesome and collaborative client.

Tears of Joy Mark the Year in Publishing

Tears of Joy Emoji

Oxford Dictionaries declared last week that the 2015 “word” of the year is the tears of joy emoji. When well-schooled lexicographers decide that an emoticon is more fitting for the honor than an actual word, it’s easy to become cynical about the future of books. But rather than succumb to that urge, we decided to focus on the happenings and developments in the publishing industry that benefit authors, books, and the written word. In this piece, we look at more publishing options for authors, business books awards and best of lists, and the update of an industry classic.