Don’t Take Yes for an Answer

Using Authority, Warmth, and Energy to Get Exceptional Results

Steve Herz

Harper Business, June 2020

One of the nation’s premier talent agents and career advisors shows you how to catapult  your career and your life forward with three key communication strategies―Authority, Warmth, and Energy.

A self-empowerment guide to achieving your fullest professional and personal potential, Don’t Take YES for An Answer explains why positive feedback limits personal and professional growth and then teaches you how to embrace hard truths and critical feedback to escape mediocrity and break away from the pack.

To stand out, to attract the attention of those who can raise your profile, to protect yourself during lean times, or to gain the interest of future employers, you must harness three critical communication traits that human beings respond to most: AWE: A―Authority. W―Warmth. E―Energy. When all else is equal―education, work ethic, intelligence, experience, ambition―the single biggest factor in winning business, promotions, friendships, or followers hinges on our ability to communicate and connect. Mastering AWE gives you an unparalleled advantage over the competition, no matter your field.

Herz, who has represented and coached dozens of sports, media, and entertainment leaders over the course of nearly three decades, delivers a step-by-step program that helps you understand and hone your AWE skills. Packed with inspiring success stories, grounded in the latest social psychology and scientific research, and featuring “insider” anecdotes from some of the most popular entrepreneurs and professionals in broadcasting, sports, and the corporate world―many personally coached by Herz―Don’t Take YES for An Answer provides invaluable suggestions and practical techniques for “upping” your AWE in every aspect of your life.

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About the Author

Steve was once a portly fellow who could not swim. Undaunted by a lack of physical gifts, he set about to compete in the treacherous Gulf Coast Triathlon in Panama City, Florida. Shedding his extra girth while learning to swim, he met the six foot waves, the 90 degree temperatures and completed the prestigious Ironman qualifier; all the while raising thousands of dollars for the Leukemia Society and being voted Most Inspirational member of the Team in Training.

That underdog, earn-everything spirit has propelled Steve his whole life. And solidified his belief in the power of personal change. He’s leveraged his unique communication gifts and interpersonal skills to build a little company into an industry powerhouse: IF Management, now a part of the Montag Group. With multiple divisions, the company, and Steve, all serve the same purpose: coaching and motivating others to become the best version of themselves. And never settling for just “good enough”. While it has evolved to impact the lives of CEOs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, Steve’s ultimate goal remains using his motivational message and distinct skill set to aid others on their journey to greater heights. Steve’s book, Don’t Take Yes for an Answer, will be published June 16, 2020 by HarperBusiness.