Two Beats Ahead

What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation

Panos A. Panay, R. Michael Hendrix

PublicAffairs, April 2021

Featuring interviews with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, T Bone Burnett, Gloria Estefan, Imogen Heap and many more, Two Beats Ahead shows us what the musical mind has to teach us about innovation.

Musicians may just hold the keys to innovation in business. They don’t think like we do, and in the creative process, they don’t act like we do. It isn’t a coincidence that some of the world’s most respected creators, like Jimmy Iovine and Bjork, are also entrepreneurs.
In Two Beats Ahead, the Global Design Director at IDEO and the Senior Vice President for Global Strategy & Innovation at Berklee College of Music interview some of the nation’s top musicians and business leaders about how they approach innovation differently. Panay and Hendrix speak with Justin Timberlake about the importance of demoing, and discuss the essentials of acute listening with Jimmy Iovine. Readers will learn the secrets to maximizing results in a collaboration from Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams. They’ll learn the importance of experimentation from musical pioneers Imogen Heap and Radiohead, and have a front row seat in a conversation about producing with T Bone Burnett and Hank Shocklee, co-founder of Public Enemy.
Offering clear and concise mindsets that any entrepreneur or innovative thinker can put into practice, this is a one-of-a-kind business book that shows how to thrive in an evolving world–from some of the top creative geniuses of our time.

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About the Author

Panos is the Senior Vice President for Global Strategy and Innovation at Berklee College of Music; and a Fellow at MIT Connection Science. He is also the founder of Sonicbids, the founder of Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship and co-founder of Open Music Initiative which brings together over 250 leading music, media and technology industry organizations to create an open global protocol for identification of musical rights owners and creators.

R. Michael Hendrix is an American graphic designer. He is a Partner of the influential interdisciplinary design studio IDEO known for consistent innovation and a keen ability to see the big picture and the smallest dot.