Media Highlights

The Challenge

When HarperOne came to us for PR support with the book, we faced two exciting and increasingly common considerations: a quick jump-in for a title with a short lead time and a first-time author looking to expand his platform. Traditionally, we begin our work with books at the galley stage—four months before publication date, or even earlier. But with Barking Up The Wrong Tree, we had much less time. This, coupled with the title being a blogger-turned-author’s first work, offered a challenge we were eager to take on.

What Made This Campaign A Success

Working closely with Eric and the team at HarperOne, we jumped in quickly, digging deep into the book, Eric’s existing platform, and what we saw as the competitive advantages of the book:  the science-based, counterintuitive material, the revealing insights, and Eric’s signature wit and conversational tone. Despite the project’s short lead time, we were able to secure a diverse mix of top-tier media coverage—from reviews to interviews, video coverage to guest articles—that expanded Eric’s thought leadership and created new inroads with key journalists. As a result of our successful partnership during the campaign, the team extended their work with us, allowing us to continue working together beyond the initial launch period to extend the book’s reach—and ultimately, Eric’s as well.