Media Highlights

The Challenge

With Family Inc., we faced two core challenges. First, to get traction for a holistic and comprehensive approach to personal finance in a media environment that craves quick tips and easy fixes. And second, to establish Douglas McCormick as a thought leader in personal finance when his background was more aligned with corporate finance and professional investing. 

What Made This Campaign A Success

The biggest asset here was our ability to work with Doug to carefully craft messages that translated his big-picture ideas in a way that would be relevant and interesting to the media. We brainstormed a ton, tried out different approaches, analyzed what was resonating (and what was not), and then played to those strengths. Doug was open to changing tactics and adjusting along the way, which gave us space to be creative with story angles and keep trying different things with our top media targets until something stuck. Doug stayed on for an additional period of time post-launch, where we pivoted to a topic near and dear to his heart—the financial empowerment of our military service people and veterans. As a veteran himself, Doug is passionate about serving this community, and we were able to craft messages that applied his personal finance strategies to the specific challenges this community faces as a result of their service. None of this content was in the book, so we worked together to craft those angles, tips, and guest articles from the ground up—an approach that yielded placements in top-tier media including USA Today, Time, and The Wall Street Journal.

“The team at Cave Henricks Communications are exceptional media relations advisers and thought partners. They artfully advised on all aspects of book promotion to include channel strategy, book and content positioning, promotions, event planning, social media and branding strategy. I would recommend them for any media relations assignment without qualification.”


Douglas P. McCormick, bestselling author of Family Inc.