Nina Nocciolino

Managing Director

Nina Nocciolino has been with the Cave Henricks team since December 2017. Prior to that, she spent 12 years in publishing, including time at Portfolio, Penguin Random House, and Harvard Business Review Press.

Nina has had the honor of working with a number of prestigious authors during her time at Cave Henricks, including Whole Foods cofounder and CEO John Mackey, whom she worked with for Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Leadership; Square cofounder Jim McKelvey; Michelle P. King (Netflix); Judy Samuelson (The Aspen Institute’s Business & Society Program); and Alex Rosenblat (Data & Society). Others she has worked with over the course of her career include Stew Friedman, Herminia Ibarra, Dorie Clark, and Heidi Grant, among others.

She has landed coverage in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, The EconomistFinancial TimesHarvard Business Review, The Washington PostBloomberg BusinessweekFast Company, Inc., Fortune, Entrepreneur, SHAPE, Cosmopolitan, CBS This Morning, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, The Joe Rogan Experience, The James Altucher Show, Freakonomics Radio, NPR, and others. She has also placed speakers at SXSW, INBOUND, World Business Forum, Google, the Massachusetts Women’s Conference, Fortune Brainstorm Tech and others.

Nina graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Journalism from Northeastern University, and holds an MS in Publishing from New York University. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and two children.


“The team I worked with at Cave Henricks Communications was led by Nina, Pam, and Barbara. They are phenomenal. Nina’s determination is so apparent that it is outmatched only by her sheer competence. She reaches for every opportunity, manages the communications process seamlessly for multiple stakeholders, and organizes and shares each new development with them like clockwork. I’m deeply appreciative of her ceaseless efforts and expert advice.”

—Alex Rosenblat, author of Uberland