Elephants Before Unicorns

Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company

Caroline Stokes

Entrepreneur Press, September 2019

Driven entrepreneurs seem to always be in search of their “unicorn” team―that match made in heaven that opens the door to freedom and endless possibility. Unfortunately, huge obstacles―the “elephants”―tend to get in the way.

Bringing her expertise from HR to EQ, Caroline Stokes offers real-world solutions to the people management problems business owners like you face right now. Dive into this book and learn how to:


  • Hire the right people by taking your time
  • Build an onboarding process that fits your company culture and makes new hires feel welcome
  • Keep employees happy, healthy, engaged, and educated so they always perform their best
  • Think smart before acting so strategies are their most effective
  • Adapt to industry trends and workforce shifts to earn the best results


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About the Author

Caroline Stokes is a human capital entrepreneur and author of Elephants Before Unicorns. As an executive headhunter, certified executive coach and certified EQ.2.0 practitioner, Caroline helps culture-first innovation leaders prepare their teams for the AI revolution.

After an international career at Sony, Virgin and Nokia, Caroline founded FORWARD, which holds the distinction of being the first executive search and coaching firm to incorporate 100-days transition coaching for all talent placements. As an executive PCC coach, Caroline co-creates transformative 14-week professional development campaigns for leaders needing to rapidly evolve at all stages of their organizational and career development.

Since first connecting with a headhunter at Virgin in 1993, it has been Caroline’s mission to change the recruitment industry’s reputation with 1-2-1 coaching. She launched The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter podcast in 2017 for recruiters to adapt their emotional intelligence and leadership abilities in the AI age.

Raised in Singapore during the ’70s and the UK during the ’80s, Caroline has built her professional career in Sydney, London and Dublin and has called Vancouver, British Columbia home since 2005.