The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace

Know What Boosts Your Value, Kills Your Chances, & Will Make You Happier

Cy Wakeman

Jossey-Bass, April 2013

More than anything else, you need to understand exactly how your employer evaluates you, and your annual performance review doesn’t tell the whole story. In The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman shows how to calculate how your true value to your organization by understanding your current and future potential against your “emotional expense”—the toll your actions and attitudes take on the people around you. With Wakeman’s clear, straight-to-the-point advice, you can confront and reduce your emotional costliness, become an invaluable member of your team, and even learn to love your job again.

  • Reveals a formula for measuring your current performance, future potential, and the biggest detractor, your emotional expense
  • Shares real-world advice for quickly boosting your value and becoming a highly-valued, sought after employee and teammate
  • Builds on the lessons in Reality-Based Leadership, Cy Wakeman’s first book for leaders and managers

The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace is the essential guide for boosting your value, owning your career, and becoming the kind of employee no organization can afford to lose.

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About the Author

Cy Wakeman is a dynamic national keynote speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur and leadership thought leader. Her innovative yet practical approach to leadership has helped transform leaders and their organizations. Wakeman teaches audiences and leaders how to identify common limitations, quantify the cost of poor leadership and workplace drama and create a new mindset to achieve results beyond their wildest dreams. Her corporate training programs build successful leaders and teams. Her approach is unconventional, candid, and entertaining. Based on her hard-hitting philosophy, “Reality-Based Leadership™,” Wakeman has helped many groups and organizations break through their reasons, stories and excuses and move to their next level of success.