Media Highlights

The Challenge

While there is much science and research to back the idea that taking a pause can improve your critical thinking skills, stress levels, productivity and much more, it is still largely thought of as a “soft” skill in the business arena. Our job on this campaign was to change that perception.   

What Made This Campaign A Success

Google, where Rachael works, is one of a minority of companies that offer unpaid leaves of absence not related to family or medical issues. We leveraged her rare experience with flexible leave to insert her voice into the conversation on leave policies in the United States, leading to coverage in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and in The Washington Post, among other high-profile outlets. At the same time, we emphasized to the media that pausing doesn’t have to be a huge commitment—like taking a leave from work; it can also be as simple as a five-minute walk outside or a day spent unplugged from digital devices. Through smart messaging and collaboration, we were able to tap into major business media outlets—positioning pausing as far more than a soft skill, but rather an essential tool for both employees and employers. Further, we were able to extend the book’s reach into a variety or verticals—from parenting and health to workplace—leading to a broader conversation around the benefits of pausing.

“The team at Cave Henricks was instrumental to having PAUSE as a featured topic in many noteworthy publications and podcasts, including The New York Times,, Fortune, Success, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company. As a result of their strategic influence, I received requests for dozens of articles for submissions, interviews, podcasts, and syndication TV on the subject of my book and what it means to pause. PAUSE continues to build on this momentum, and was named one of Business Insider's top 15 business books to read summer 2017. The team at Cave Henricks is personable, savvy, and a huge asset to any PR initiative. I don't think I would have gotten much of the press coverage I had if it wasn't for Cave Henricks’ great work! I can't recommend them enough.”


Rachael O’Meara, author of PAUSE: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break