Media Highlights

The Challenge

This book is one we would categorize as “evergreen”—it offers timeless advice on leading oneself and others in a way that compels you to look at the foundation of how you operate in your work and life. There are no quick fixes in this book—which is often what the media wants. And in a crowded category like leadership, the challenge was to position the book in such a way that it would stand out from all the other books on leadership and careers and compel the media to cover the book at release.   

What Made This Campaign A Success

The book is about developing a set of behaviors that allow anyone, regardless of title, to influence people and outcomes. We worked with the authors to pull out specific ways to frame each of the behaviors so they would be compelling to the media. We then fed those ideas to journalists as specific story ideas they could write, or as article topics that the authors would write for them. We also went out of our way to highlight the fact that all three authors formerly served in the military, experiences which largely informed the leadership principles presented in the book. That unique part of their platform, combined with our ability to work together to develop interesting and timely ways to frame their timeless lessons, allowed us to hit nearly every national business media target on our wish list—driving not only book sales, but significant exposure for their consulting firm, Lead Star, as well.

“While preparing for the launch of SPARK, we thoroughly researched several publicists that specialized in non-fiction and had a track record of success with their clients. After repeated recommendations from industry leaders, we reached out to the team at Cave Henricks. Their passion for excellence and ability to synthesize and put into action our thoughts and ideas contributed to SPARK becoming a New York Times bestseller. The team at Cave Henricks is extremely organized, easy to work with and is persistent at helping their clients achieve their goals!”


Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch, co-authors of SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success