Media Highlights

The Challenge

Jonathan and Rachel came to us with the trifecta—a timely and important topic, in-depth academic research, and a treasure trove of real-life stories from the families the authors spent time with for an entire year. We knew from the get-go that the media would be interested in the book—the challenge here was to zero in on the media outlets that were most critical to putting the book on the path to becoming a perennial go-to text on the topic of financial security in American households. Our other challenge was to craft promotional plans for the various institutions surrounding the project who were willing to put the word out—the organizations that funded and supported the research (Citi Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Omidyar Network), the influential individuals who served on the project’s advisory board, and the long list of influencers and institutions who work in the space and wanted to see the book become a success (groups like the Aspen Institute and New America Foundation, for example).

What Made This Campaign A Success

On the media side, we highlighted the unique nature of the research (which tracked daily cash flows versus annual balances) and then brought the numbers to life with the stories of the families who took part in the study. We lined up a number of impactful media hits right from the get-go—including a guest piece for Harvard Business Review, which was shared widely on social media, taking on a life of its own and driving in-bound interest from national media. We kept the momentum going by continuing to place guest articles and then using those placements to drive more interviews, particularly in the broadcast space. The end result was a media coverage book that exposed us to almost 2 billion people, drove traffic to the study’s website, and hit almost every top media outlet on our collective wish list. The combination of stellar media coverage, high-profile events at the Aspen Institute, New America Foundation, and others, and the promotion from their network of funders and supporters resulted not only in book sales, but a groundswell of interest in their ideas from academics, policy makers, and businesses that are interested in improving the financial lives of Americans.

“The great concern when hiring a publicity firm is, “Will they get it?” There’s nothing worse than dealing with a firm that cares more about activity than making sure ideas connect with the right audiences in the right way. Cave Henricks invested the time to understand our ideas—and the nuances—to make sure that our book got the right kind of attention. They also worked with us to identify the media that mattered for our book and helped us manage our time so that our publicity efforts had the maximum impact.”


Jonathan Morduch, co-author of The Financial Diaries