Media Highlights

The Challenge

Yohn came to us as a first-time author with an already robust consulting and speaking business, ongoing writing gigs with both Forbes and Harvard Business Review, and several solid relationships with journalists in both the general business and restaurant industry trade press. Our challenge was to leverage the publication of her book to grow her established platform to not only generate awareness of her important message, but to increase her speaking and consulting business as well. Given Yohn’s goals, it was important to secure coverage in national business print outlets as well as national television, the latter of which was crucial to growing her speaking business.

What Made This Campaign A Success

Working in close collaboration with Yohn to identify the right media contacts and develop customized pitches, we were able to secure coverage in several national business print publications, and three national television interviews, one of which became an ongoing spot. Since March 2014, Yohn has become the go-to brand expert for Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company—a relationship that we built with the producer over a series of months by identifying breaking company news on which Yohn could comment. After several successful appearances, we turned the relationship over to Yohn at the end of our work together, and she continues to appear on the program, as well as others on the network. On the print side, by identifying the key print journalists that cover the industries in which she had deep expertise, and then working closely with Yohn to develop news-driven pitches that highlighted the value she could add as an expert source, we were able to not only secure immediate coverage, but also put her into rolodexes so that our contacts might call on her in the future, well beyond the book campaign. We think this campaign had the ideal mix of book-driven coverage, as well as coverage that was less focused on the book, and more focused on Yohn’s thought leadership and expertise in the brand-building space—the kind of press that elevates her platform and which we hope will contribute to the growth of her business.

“Thanks to Cave Henricks, the launch of my book, What Great Brands Do, was a resounding success! We met all my key goals, including placement in national broadcast and print media. The entire team was an absolute pleasure to work with and provided valuable counsel throughout the process.”


Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do