Beyond Halftime

Practical Wisdom for Your Second Half

Bob Buford

Zondervan, December 2008

Since the publication fifteen years ago of Bob Buford’s award-winning and newly updated and expanded bestseller, Halftime, more than half a million men and women have made the halftime journey from success to significance. If you are contemplating that journey yourself or have already started, Beyond Halftime is for you. “This book is the result of fifteen years of answering questions about halftime,” writes Buford. “I’ve focused on the areas that seem to come up most from those who contact me, and I’ve answered them in much the same way I would answer you if we sat down together over coffee. So in a very real sense, this book allows me to be your companion as you negotiate the ups and downs of the whole halftime experience.” Beyond Halftime invites you to slow down and take time to listen―really listen―to the voice of your heart and the rhythms of your life. The discoveries you’re about to make during this vital phase of your life can’t be rushed. Enjoy this wise guidance on the things that matter most in moving from gaining success to leaving a legacy. Your most rewarding years lie ahead of you. Welcome to the journey.

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About the Author

Until its sale in 1999, Bob Buford served as Chairman and CEO of Buford Television, Inc., a family-owned business that started with an ABC affiliate in Tyler, Texas, and grew to a network of cable systems across the U.S.

In 1997, Buford founded Halftime, an organization to help successful people convert their experience and passions into action. Halftime’s mission is to inspire and equip leaders to achieve maximum leverage and return on the investment of their resources, measured in changed lives and healthier communities.

Buford hosts The Halftime Institute, a 27 hour experience designed to help those who attend accelerate their transition from success to significance.  

Buford is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and of the Owner Managed Program at the Harvard Business School. He has played active roles in Young Presidents’ Organization and World Presidents’ Organization and served on the board of the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard. Buford was the 2000 recipient of The Samaritan Institute Award and the 2005 Christian Management Association Award. “Lead Like Jesus” presented Buford the Leadership Award in 2008 and Roaring Lambs Ministry honored him in 2009. He was the 2010 recipient of the J. Erik Jonsson Ethics Award from SMU Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility.

Buford and his wife, Linda, live in Dallas.