Get Your Summer Strategy On!

How to Utilize Your Summers to Create Impressive College Applications

Jessica Givens

SJG Professional Communications, March 2012

College admissions have grown increasingly competitive over the last decade. It takes more than a solid GPA and respectable test scores to gain entry into an elite university. Today, an applicant needs a stellar résumé to show meaningful dedication outside the classroom and boost his or her chances of acceptance to a top college. In Get Your Summer Strategy On, Jessica Givens gives students a step-by-step guide to maximizing the potential of the summer months. Givens reveals the different résumé bullets students must complete, and she highlights the many programs available to students in the know. By following her simple guide, students are guaranteed to change their admissions potential and broaden their horizons, turning their applications into college admissions gold.

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About the Author

For the last fourteen years, Jessica Givens, the founder of All-in-One Applications, has immersed herself in the world of admissions. By working hand-in-hand with students, reviewing countless admissions essays, and constructing diverse college applications, Jessica has developed a keen understanding of how to impress college admissions boards. Through the innovative All-in-One Applications College Exploration and Application Exercise Workbooks, Jessica works with school districts around the country to share the secrets of college admissions success with students of all backgrounds. Now, she is bringing the insider’s perspective into the American mainstream, so that all students have the information to create impressive college applications.