Human Sigma

Managing the Employee-Customer Encounter

John H. Fleming, Ph.D., James Asplund

Gallup Press, October 2007

The groundbreaking methodology Six Sigma changed the face of manufacturing quality. Now, HumanSigma is poised to do the same for sales and service. In the face of widespread perceptions of abysmal customer service and disengaged employees — and all-too-real declining profit margins — the need for change is obvious. Human Sigma addresses this need with an exciting new method for managing customer-employee relations that increases both productivity and profitability. It incorporates cutting-edge research in the neurosciences and behavioral economics — including brain imaging research into customer’s emotional connections to the companies they love — with proven techniques for improving workforce performance and revenues generated from existing customers. This practical handbook appeals to senior leaders and line managers alike who are looking for a way to dramatically increase productivity, retain high value customers, and enhance organizational performance.

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About the Author

John H. Fleming, Ph.D., is a Principal Fleming is a co-author of the Harvard Business Review article “Manage Your Human Sigma.”

Jim Asplund is The Gallup Organization’s Chief Scientist for Strengths-Based Development. He leads Gallup’s global research on the science of human strengths, and how to apply them to improve organizational performance.