Money Wise

How to Create, Grow, and Preserve Your Wealth

A. Michael Lipper with Douglas R. Sease

St. Martin’s Press, September 2008

Financial advisers, newspapers, television and radio reports often qualify information about mutual funds and other investments as “according to Lipper.” They all mean the various Lipper Fund Indices developed by Mike Lipper. Now you can learn, as he has learned, the lessons of creating, managing and preserving wealth. These lessons are vital for the newly wealthy, the would-be wealthy, the second and third generations of wealth, investment advisers and other wealth managers and charities and other nonprofits. They come straight from Mike’s own fifty years of experience as an investor and as a member of a family that has spent four generations on Wall Street.

Mike’s ideas have direct application to you:

  • How to measure your wealth.
  • You as a balance sheet.
  • You as the single biggest contributor to your satisfaction as an investor.
  • What kind or kinds of investor personalities describe you.
  • When and how to use unconventional thinking.
  • When you should use multiple portfolios.
  • How to share your wealth with others.

There are millions of millionaires in the United States. If you’ve gotten there, or want to get there, this book will help you answer the question: What now?

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About the Author

A. Michael Lipper is a CFA charterholder and the president of Lipper Advisory Services, Inc., a firm providing money management services for wealthy families, retirement plans and charitable organizations.

A former president of the New York Society of Security Analysts, Mike Lipper created the Lipper Growth Fund Index, the first of today’s global array of Lipper Indexes, Averages and performance analyses for mutual funds.

After selling his company to Reuters in 1998, Mike has focused his energies on managing the investments of his clients and his family. His first book, MONEY WISE: How to Create, Grow and Preserve Your Wealth (St. Martin’s Press) was published in September, 2008.