The Power to Change Minds and Behavior and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Andrea Coville with Paul B. Brown

bibliomotion books + media, March 2014

Today, when companies and customers are faced with an infinite number of messages, the word “relevance” has taken on a new meaning and dimension. We know that relevance matters, but what does that mean exactly? Andy Coville guides leaders and executives toward the realization that if they can focus on a single, guiding principle—a magnetic one—that permeates their brand or company, customers will not only engage but change thinking and behavior in turn. Relevance takes us through the dimensions of relevance—both qualitative and quantitative—in order to find the starting point on the Relevance Scale: where we are and where to go from here. The book walks the reader through the elements of staying relevant as well as the circumstances that contribute to establishing a relevance platform. The author offers many examples as well as explaining messaging strategies.

Whether you are working with a consumer product, a nonprofit, or a B2B company, Andy Coville believes you, your brand, or your company have the power to change and influence behavior and make an impact.

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About the Author

Andrea “Andy” Coville is CEO of Brodeur Partners, one of the world’s top mid-sized communications agencies. In a quest to bring more science and sensory -based insight to the creative process she developed and refined the concept of relevance, a strategic platform for helping organizations and their brands go beyond the “buzz” and link communications to behavioral change.

For 25 years she has executed high-performing relevance campaigns for organizations in the business-to-business, consumer products and healthcare markets. Her agency’s extensive client roster has included the American Cancer Society, IBM, MasterCard, Corning, Phillips, RIM (Blackberry), Bio, Vertex, 3M and GE Plastics.

After joining Brodeur in 1986 and becoming CEO in 1999, Andy diversified Brodeur Partners from a public relations firm specializing in technology to a multidisciplinary communications agency focusing on full-service communications, digital strategies, social change and business consulting. During that process she oversaw the acquisition of companies that expanded the agency’s portfolio in life science, policy, online strategy and branding.

Andy has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and English literature from the University of New Hampshire. She is married to John Brodeur, co-founder of Brodeur Partners, is a mother of four children and has a passion for non-profits and social issues that advance the well-being of children. She serves on several non-profit boards and is an avid runner and outdoor sports enthusiast.