Speak American Too

Your Guide to Building Powerful Brands in the New Heartland

Paul Jankowski

New Heartland Group, November 2014

Speak American Too: Your Guide to Building Powerful Brands in the New Heartland is the definitive field manual to marketing in the New Heartland, one of the nation’s largest and most powerful cultural segments representing nearly 60 percent of U.S. consumers.

This book combines new research findings from the first ever New Heartland Consumer Research Study, along with case study examples to familiarize you with the New Heartland consumer, and provides guidance on the principal channels of access through which we can be reached and influenced. Learn how the Core Values of Faith (not religion), Community and Family impact buying behavior and create a unique brand filter in the New Heartland. Discover the five key points of access that brands have the best opportunities to engage the New Heartland consumer: Music, Food, Sports, Outdoors and Social Media.

Finally, by examining current tools and strategies employed by brands today, you will be able to understand how to leverage these devices when designing your own New Heartland brand campaign, and read plenty of case studies that show just where brands went right or wrong.

This book gives every marketer the practical tools and know-how to make sure your brand campaign can Speak American, connect with New Heartlander core values, and be relevant in the places and spaces they live.

Speak American Too is not only a guide to understanding this culture, but a blueprint for brands to use in designing their effective New Heartland campaigns.

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About the Author

Paul Jankowski is Founder and Chief Brand Strategist at Nashville-based New Heartland Group, and is a recognized thought leader on branding in the New Heartland. For more than twelve years, he has helped some of the nation’s leading brands including Pepsi, Pizza Hut, B.B. King’s Blues Club and Mountain Dew connect with the 60 percent of U.S. consumers in the New Heartland. In addition to his published works, Paul is a Forbes contributor on marketing to the New Heartland consumer, and keynote speaker on brand building, creating culturally relevant brand messaging, and entertainment marketing.

Paul has served as Chief Marketing Officer for Elvis Presley Enterprises, and held senior positions with SFX Entertainment (Live Nation), Gibson Guitar Corp., MCA Records and SBK Records. He has worked directly with many professional athletes and entertainers, including Evander Holyfield, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean and Elton John.

Co-founder of the TJ Martell Foundation, the music industry’s largest foundation that funds medical research on leukemia, cancer and AIDS, Paul received the Foundation’s From the Heart award. A graduate of the University of Tennessee and a Memphis native, he now lives in Nashville, TN with his wife of 25 years and four children.