Strengths Based Selling

Based on Decades of Gallup’s Research into High-Performing Salespeople

Tony Rutigliano, Brian Brim

Gallup Press, March 2011

The key to success, salespeople are told, is to follow specific steps and techniques. Just heed the advice of this guru, and you’ll be the best! That approach doesn’t work for most salespeople. It probably doesn’t work for you either. The most successful reps, Gallup has determined from decades of research, understand their innate talents and strengths and use them to sell more effectively. No two great sales reps are alike: You might thrive on fierce competition, while a colleague wins by being a super-analytical problem solver. What’s most important is that you win business your way.

Strengths Based Selling explains sales talent and how to identify and maximize it. You’ll receive access to the world-renowned Clifton StrengthsFinder, which reveals your unique talents and strengths. You’ll follow this book through the selling process — from assessing opportunity and cold calling to retaining and growing accounts — learning how to apply your talents at each step. The book features action items that help you make the most of your strengths in sales. There’s no one right way to sell. Salespeople get the best results by building on who they already are. This lively, liberating book will teach you to do just that.

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About the Author

Tony Rutigliano is the coauthor of Discover Your Sales Strengths. Rutigliano consults on ways that organisations can improve their effectiveness in assessing, developing and retaining talented contributors. A founder and leader of Gallup’s sales force effectiveness practice, he has expertise in measuring the capacity for success within individuals and teams and helping organizations deploy effective systems to recruit and manage their human capital.

Brian J. Brim has worked as a consultant and advisor to some of the world’s leading organisations. His insights have supported many organisations to increase performance by maximising their talent and human capital systems.