Taming the Search-And-Switch Customer

Earning Customer Loyalty in a Compulsion-to-Compare World

Jill Griffin

Jossey-Bass, March 2009

Customer loyalty strategies have turned a whole new page. Have you?

Today’s customers typically begin their selection process by using Internet search engines, which provide an endless array of choices, as well as the ability to compare everything—price, delivery, product specifications—at the click of a mouse. Businesses unprepared to address this new breed of buyer are losing market share by the minute.

In Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer, customer loyalty expert Jill Griffin addresses this storm of change head-on. She examines the relentless, new selling landscape and offers practical advice for winning customer loyalty.

By taking a close look at why customers are compelled to search for new options and then switch to them, Griffin explains the new rules for building strong brand perception, how to build trust, and perhaps most importantly, how to be (and stay) different in the eyes of your customer. With the customer’s Worth-It Test, companies can figure out how their prospects and buyers perceive them and whether they are, in fact, considered more “worth it” than their competitors. With Griffin’s “10-Day Starter Plan,” companies will be able to quickly get started putting into practice the hundreds of guidelines and examples outlined in the book.

In today’s compulsion-to-compare world, does your brand measure up? In side-by-side comparisons with dozens—or even hundreds—of competitors, will your brand prevail? Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer helps ensure that it will.

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About the Author

Jill Griffin, known to her clients as “The Loyalty Maker,” is an award-winning author, consultant, and speaker. Since 1988 she has led Austin-based Griffin Group, helping B2B and B2C firms, large and small, build fiercely loyal customers. She is the author of Customer Loyalty, which was named to Harvard Business School’s “Working Knowledge” list and has been translated into six languages, as well as a co-authored book, Customer Winback. An in-demand speaker, Jill keynotes conferences worldwide.