The Idea Hunter

How to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen

Andy Boynton, Bill Fischer

Jossey-Bass, April 2011

Jack Welch once said, “Someone, somewhere has a better idea.” In this myth-busting book, the authors reveal that great business ideas do not spring from innate creativity, or necessarily from the brilliant minds of people. Rather, great ideas come to those who are in the habit of looking for great ideas all around them, all the time. Too often, people fall into the trap of thinking that the only worthwhile idea is a thoroughly original one. Idea Hunters know better. They understand that valuable ideas are already out there, waiting to be found – and not just in the usual places. This book:

Shows how to expand your capacity to find and develop winning business ideas

Explains why ideas are a critical asset for every manager and professional, not just for those who do “creative”

Reveals how to seek out and select the ideas that best serve your purposes and goals and define who you are, as a professional

Offers practical tips on how to master the everyday habits of an Idea Hunter, which include cultivating great conversations

The Idea Hunter is filled with illustrative accounts of successful Idea Hunters and stories from thriving “idea” companies. Warren Buffet, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Mary Kay Ash, Twitter and Pixar Animation Studios are among the many profiled.

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About the Author

Andy Boynton is Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. Before returning to Boston College, he was a Professor of Strategic Leadership at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he created and directed IMD’s highly rated global Executive MBA program.

Boynton is the co-creator, with Bill Fischer, of DeepDive™, the world’s leading methodology for helping executives harness the power of teams to significantly improve problem-solving speed, innovation and results.

Bill Fischer is a professor at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He previously served as dean and president of the China-Europe International Business School, a joint venture of the European Union and Chinese government, in Shanghai, China.

He is the co-director of IMD’s innovation partnership with MIT’s Sloan School of Management and works exclusively with executives around the world.

Boynton and Fischer’s current and past clients include Fidelity, Cisco Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, Nestle USA, Deloitte Consulting, Cigna Insurance, Pfizer, British Air, British Telecom, IBM and Bank of America.