Rich People Shop Here
Dennis Welch
Intermedia Publishing Group, October 2009

Do you know anyone who is struggling?

Rich People Shop Here is about hope and transformation. It is an inspirational and illuminating look at how one life, though flawed and imperfect, can stand as a shining testament to the power of faith. No one is beyond repair, nor so far gone that they cannot experience a fulfilled life with great joy and satisfaction. Despite dealing with divorce, death, alcoholism, drug abuse and even a hit man, the story of Patsy Welch is one that returns over and over again to a simple but vitally important theme: No matter where you are in life, or what you are dealing with, better days are ahead.

Readers of this book, who, like the rest of us, sometimes feel overwhelmed by life, will draw deep inspiration and encouragement from Rich People Shop Here. You will read about the struggles and victories of Patsy Welch, and be able to identify and relate with her in one form or another as we have all struggled in life. You will also be encouraged to think about those family and friends in your own life that may need encouragement because they have grown weary, or simply given up. Rich People Shop Here is an easy to read, entertaining book that tells a completely true story that we hope will inspire you and those around you.

About the Author

Dennis Welch has had the good fortune to be on the 50 yard line of life, a view from eye of a bird as two people the world had given up on were rescued and spent the rest of their days rescuing others. He is a writer and keen observer who has an easy-to-read style. He has been a Senior Staff Writer for The Gallup Organization, and has contributed articles to various publications over the years. This is his first book.