In Meat We Trust
Maureen Ogle
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, November 2013

The battle surrounding meat and livestock production ranks among the longest-waged and hardest-fought in American history. The debate, which dates back to the colonial era, ranges from the role of meat in a healthy diet to meatpacking processes and the use of antibiotics in livestock production. But according to historian Maureen Ogle, the controversies and the forces that shaped them are largely misunderstood. Here, Ogle brings us the first major exploration of the history of meat in America.

Media Highlights

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The Challenge

In Meat We Trust was one of our first forays into the history genre. This was Ogle’s fourth book, and the bar was high following the success of her 2006 title on beer, Ambitious Brew.

What Made This Campaign A Success

We carefully examined the arguments and facts laid bare in the book and worked to create compelling press materials and pitches that highlighted the key elements we thought would be of interest to the media. Further, we dug deep to uncover reporters and reviewers who had covered comparable topics and titles in the past.

The results of our careful culling and positioning—in concert with a truly fantastic book—included reviews in both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, features in several top-tier publications, and interviews on Marketplace and dozens of local NPR stations across the country.

Cave Henricks Communications saved my book publicity bacon: thanks to the agency I scored multiple interviews with high-quality media. More important, however, everyone at CHC treated me with courtesy, dignity, and respect, all of which, every author knows, are sadly lacking in the world of publishing. When my next book is due for launch, my first phone call will be to Austin.

Maureen Ogle, author of In Meat We Trust