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New Book, New Year



New Book, New Year

New Book, New Year

As the ball dropped on yet another New Year, we at Cave Henricks Communications and Shelton Interactive are marking the start of 2015 with what we think will be a fascinating flip in our own roles in the publishing world. Strategic partners providing traditional and social media strategy and support for authors since 2007, this year we will ourselves become authors.

Currently titled THE AGE OF MICROMEDIA and written by Barbara Cave Henricks and Rusty Shelton, will be released by Berrett-Koehler in early 2016.

We feel compelled to write this book in an effort to capture what we see as a seismic shift in our business with big implications for anyone with a compelling story to tell.

The world of mass media—one in which a few, prime national outlets control the messages we all see and hear—has largely vanished.  Gaining access and getting coverage in mass media is harder than ever in these short-staffed newsrooms as legacy outlets continue to dwindle in size and number. While most continue to market through the remaining channels, a smart new set of entrepreneurs, business leaders and marketers are embracing the opportunity offered by  Micromedia, an entirely new landscape of media that is digital, national and often global in scope.

Some thought leaders will build direct relationships with their audience and become Micromedia outlets themselves.  Others will use Micromedia to gain momentum for their messages, using coverage there as leverage to secure space in the still powerful national outlets where attention is highly valued and still critical.

This book will examine the opportunities that Micromedia outlets offer and provide a playbook for using them to their fullest advantage before it’s too late.

We’re elated to have this amazing opportunity to stand in our clients’ shoes for a brief moment. It is our best hope that the experience will not only further the discussion of media in the 21st century, but also give us a chance to witness the birth of a book from a completely different and more personal perspective.

Meantime, as the writing begins, business will be open as usual, and we look forward to another wonderful year of bringing your messages to the masses.