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What’s in a Name?

joint photoNaming something is rarely easy and getting it just right can feel close to impossible. Google’s ubiquitous search engine was called BackRub during its developmental phase, 7-Eleven convenience stores were once U-Tote-Ms and those Puma sneakers you tie on for your run were once called Rudas, after the firm’s founder. Somehow, none of those early choices have the compelling ring that everyone hopes for when selecting a moniker that’s memorable. Books come with an added challenge — requiring titles that both entice the reader while describing the material nestled between their covers with few, but impactful, words.

As a first time coauthor along with my friend Rusty Shelton of Shelton Interactive, we find ourselves wandering the desert in search of a crisp, compelling title.

Our book, tentatively titled, THE AGE OF MICROMEDIA, is a close look at the changing media landscape. It dives into the myriad of ways digital and social media (which we collectively call Micromedia) are rewriting the rules for getting media attention. Further, it offers solid strategies to navigate this new world.

Our top notch editors at Berrett-Koehler, Charlotte Ashlock and Neal Maillet, have rightly told us we need more of a promise – a positive outcome – right there on the book’s cover. As is their typical process, they have created a title survey to gather opinions and feedback from experts, influencers and our friends.

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So, what is this book about?

Those of you who have heard Rusty and I speak in the past have heard us talk about the age of “Micromedia,” which describes today’s rapidly changing media environment, an age where those with a story to tell can do so much more effectively by thinking more like a member of the media than a marketer.

In days past, authors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs got publicity by winning over the gatekeepers of big media. We know the Internet has changed everything— but how do we make our voices heard in this brave new world?

The key lies in the new breed of social and digital media outlets and tools, which we collectively call Micromedia. Many will use it to build a direct channel to their audience in an online space which they own and control, with some becoming media outlets themselves. Others will work for a substantial amount of coverage on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the thousands of blogs, podcasts and video hubs controlled by influential companies or powerful influencers. Conquering the Micromedia space creates leverage and momentum, allowing you to magnify your message and capture the interest of the still powerful traditional outlets.

We feel compelled to write this book in an effort to capture what we see as a seismic shift in our business with big implications for anyone with a compelling story to tell, but we need your help to make sure it reaches the largest possible audience.

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