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The Book Industry Trade Journals and Why They’re So Important

  If you publish a book, chances are that your very first media review will not come from a top tier media outlet like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, but rather a publishing trade journal like Publishers Weekly. And you’ve probably never read this magazine—or Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, or Booklist—even […]

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Five Quick Questions with Publishing's Top Leaders: Meg Kuehn

Five Quick Questions with Publishing’s Top Leaders: Meg Kuehn

Meg Kuehn, vice president of business development of Kirkus Reviews, shares her thoughts on Kirkus’ role in the publishing industry and the company’s future. Q:  Kirkus has long been a voice in publishing, offering pre pub reviews that have served, predominately, as a guide to booksellers. It seems the recent sale of the publication has […]

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