The One Thing

The One Thing book coverThe Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan
Bard Press
April 2013

Workers have more resources at their disposal than ever, but increasingly, they are succumbing to distraction, burnout, and declining productivity. Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman of Keller Williams Realty International, argues that we accomplish so little precisely because we try to do too much. He explains how to set up your work environment in order to ignore everything you could do, and instead to focus on the ONE thing you should do.

Minimalist Parenting

Minimalist Parenting Book coverEnjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less

by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest
March, 2013

We’re in the midst of a parenting climate that feeds on more expert advice, more gear, more fear about competition and safety, and more choices to make about education, nutrition, even entertainment. The result? Overwhelmed, confused parents and overscheduled, over-parented kids. In Minimalist Parenting, Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest offer a fresh approach to navigating all of this conflicting background noise.

The Watchman’s Rattle

The Watchmans Rattle book coverA Radical New Theory of Collapse

by Rebecca Costa
Vanguard Press
November 2012

In The Watchman’s Rattle, Costa takes a look at the day’s complicated problems and crisis, suggesting that the complexity of our lives, technological capabilities, and government policies have outgrown our brain’s ability to manage them. With compelling evidence based on research into the rise and fall of the Mayan, Khmer, and Roman empires, Costa shows how the tendency to label these problems as social, political, and economic, rather than addressing their evolutionary roots, leads to frightening, long term consequences.

The Trust Edge

The Trust Edge book coverHow Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a Stronger Bottom Line

by David Horsager
Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster
October 2012

With fresh insights grounded in research, The Trust Edge reveals the eight pillars of trust that can transform the way you think about business, your relationships, and all areas of life.

Leading So People Will Follow

Leading So People Will Follow book cover

by Erika Andersen
October 2012

Leadership means nothing if people won’t follow. Here, Erika Andersen offers a proven leadership framework that creates loyalty, commitment and results.

Galley Letter

Free Market Revolution

Free Market Revolution book coverHow Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government

by Yaron Brook and Dan Watkins
Palgrave Macmillan
September 2012

Ayn Rand Institute scholars Yaron Brook and Don Watkins draw on Rand’s defense of Free Markets to examine today’s political and economic landscapes, which has been marked by the rise of the Tea Party and widespread alarm about the influence of Big Government. They tackle today’s toughest problems – from welfare to government bail outs, national health care to the climbing national debt – through the lens of Rand’s philosophy.

The Pause Principle

Pause Principle book coverStep Back to Lead Forward

by Kevin Cashman
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
September 2012

More than just a work or philosophy or spirituality, The Pause Principle provides real tools and practices to make pausing a part of every leader’s everyday life.

A Slice of the Pie

Change-Friendly Leadership book coverHow to Build a Big Little Business

by Nick Sarillo
September 2012

Today Nick’s Pizza & Pub is one of the top ten busiest independent pizza restaurants in the country, with two locations that gross about “six times” the revenue of the typical pizza restaurant. And in an industry where most employees leave within less than a year, Nick’s annual turnover rate is less than 20 percent. How did he do it?

Change-Friendly Leadership

Change-Friendly Leadership book coverHow to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance

by Rodger Dean Duncan, PhD
Midpoint Trade Books
September 2012

Around the world, countless change efforts are underway in all kinds of organizations, spearheaded by leaders with good intentions. Despite the good intentions, the majority of these programs will not succeed. Why?


Why Things Bounce Back

by Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy
Free Press
July 2012

A decade into the 21st century, one thing is clear: volatility is the new normal. Here, acclaimed futurist Andrew Zolli offers an in-depth primer on the emerging field of resilience research, and shows how individuals, communities, organizations, economies, and the planet as a whole can better adapt to dramatically changing circumstances.


Hiring More Great Leaders Into Government

by Geoff Smart
Greenleaf Book Group
July 2012

In Leadocracy, Geoff Smart, author of the New York Times bestseller Who, presents a pragmatic solution to our country’s number one problem: a void of great leaders in government.

The Mobile Wave

The Responsible Business book coverHow Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything

by Michael Saylor
Vanguard Press
June 2012

In the tradition of international bestsellers, Future Shock and Megatrends, Michael J. Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, brings The Mobile Wave, a ground-breaking analysis of the impact of mobile intelligence—the fifth wave of computer technology.

How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things

Breaking the 8 Hidden Barriers That Plague Even the Best Businesses

by Neil Smith with Patricia O’Connell
Palgrave Macmillan
May, 2012

Every day, smart companies make headlines for decisions that frustrate customers and mystify the business community. Here, Smith reveals eight barriers that cause excellent companies to do dumb things, and a method for transformational improvement.

The Hidden Agenda

A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following

by Kevin Allen
April, 2012

We all pitch something every day—whether an idea, a product, or ourselves. Here, a veteran ad man shares a proven approach to winning any pitch, without fail, every time.

Get Your Summer Strategy On!

Get Your Summer Strategy On book coverHow to Utilize Your Summers to Create Impressive College Applications

by Jessica Givens
SJG Professional Communications
April 2012

In Get Your Summer Strategy On, Jessica Givens gives students step-by-step a guide to maximizing the potential of the summer months.

For Better Or For Work

For Better Or For Work book coverA Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families

by Meg Hirshberg
Greenleaf Book Group
March, 2012

Inc. columnist and wife of the Stonyfield Yogurt founder, Meg Hirshberg offers a candid account of what life in a startup looks like from the inside and the impact it has on entrepreneurs and their families.

Take the Stairs

7 Steps to Achieving True Success

by Rory Vaden
February 2012

We all want to lead happy, successful lives. Here, a speaker and self-discipline expert offers the key – a “take the stairs” program of self-discipline for making the short-term sacrifices that lead to long-term gains.

Uncommon Service

How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business

by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss
Harvard Business Review Press
February, 2012

We live in a service economy, yet the majority of our service interactions are overwhelmingly negative. Frei and Morriss offer a system that results in every employee – not just the exceptional ones – delivering consistently great service.

I’d Rather Be In Charge

A Legendary Business Leader Reveals the Traits, Passions, and Relationships to Put YOU in Charge

by Charlotte Beers
Vanguard Press
February, 2012

An advertising legend recounts her trailblazing road to the top and provides a “how to” for other women who aspire to top leadership positions.

Strategy For You

Strategy For You bookcoverBuilding a Bridge to the Life You Want

by Rich Horwath
Greenleaf Book Group
January, 2012

Strategy is critical for business success – but what about success in life? Here, a strategic thinking guru shows how to use the principles of business success to achieve personal goals and create a fulfilling life.

The Synergist

Leading Your Team to Predictable Success

by Les Mckeown
Palgrave McMillan
January, 2012

Les McKeown breaks down a persistent problem in today’s top management suites – organizing a group toward a common goal – and provides the keys for bringing clashing work styles into harmony.

The Habit

The Habit bookcover

by Susan Morse
Open Road
November, 2011

A hilarious and healing take on the struggles of the “Sandwich Generation” and the lifelong challenge of caring for a loving but flighty mother.

The Gorilla Man and the Empress of Steak

The Gorilla Man book coverA New Orleans Family Memoir

by Randy Fertel
University Press of Mississippi
October, 2011

The story of two iconic New Orleanians – Ruth, founder of Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Rodney, known as the “Gorilla Man” for his run for mayor and promise to get a gorilla for the zoo.

The Coming Jobs War

Coming Jobs War book coverby Jim Clifton
Gallup Press
October, 2011

Gallup’s World Poll revealed the one thing people want most: a good job. Here, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton explains why jobs matter both economically and emotionally, and offers solutions for job growth around the world.


Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance

by Jonathan Fields
September, 2011

Uncertainty, risk and exposure to criticism are essential to business success. Jonathan Fields explains how, when properly understood and harnessed, these pressures can become fuel for breakthroughs, rather than paralyzing setbacks.

Breaking the Fear Barrier

Breaking the Fear Barrier book coverHow Fear Destroys Companies from the Inside Out and What to do About It

by Tom Rieger
Gallup Press
August, 2011

Gallup research reveals that half of American workers feel like prisoners in their own company. Here, Gallup’s Tom Rieger shows how fear destroys organizational success, and explains how to create courageous organizations.

Break Your Own Rules

Break Your Own Rules book coverHow to Change the Patterns of Thinking that Block Women’s Paths to Power

by Jill Flynn, Kathryn Heath and Mary Davis Holt
August, 2011

The number of women in executive positions remains dismal, and according to Jill Flynn, Kathryn Heath and Mary Davis Holt, six faulty rules are to blame.

The Innovator’s DNA

The Innovator's DNA book coverMastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators

by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clayton M. Christensen
Harvard Business Review Press
July, 2011

A follow-up to The Innovation’s Dilemma and The Innovator’s Solution, this is a guidebook to mastering the five skills needed to generate ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and implement innovation throughout the organization.

Making the World Work Better

Making the World Work BetterThe Ideas That Shaped a Century and a Company

by Kevin Maney, Steve Hamm and Jeffrey M. O’Brien
IBM Press
June, 2011

To mark the occasion of IBM’s centennial anniversary, three journalists examine how the technology giant has distinctly contributed to the evolution of technology and the modern corporation over the last 100 years.


Touchpoints book coverCreating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments

by Douglas Conant and Mette Norgaard
May, 2011

The former CEO of Campbell Soup shares the method that helped this introvert lead the iconic brand for nearly a decade: transforming so-called “interruptions” from employees into “touchpoint” opportunities for leadership growth.

Decade of Change

Decade of Change book coverManaging in Times of Uncertainty

by Geoffrey Brewer and Barb Sanford
Gallup Press
May, 2011

From the editors of the Gallup Management Journal, a compelling collection of writings on how leaders have navigated the unprecedented changes of the first decade of the new millennium.

Great On the Job

Great On the Job book coverWhat to Say, How to Say It. The Secrets of Getting Ahead

by Jodi Glickman
St. Martin’s Press
May, 2011

Today’s world is more wired than ever, but our live communication skills are at an all-time low – and it’s torpedoing our careers. Jodi Glickman offers the playbook for communicating effectively on the job.

The Third Screen

The Third Screen book coverMarketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile

by Chuck Martin
Nicholas Brealey Publishing
May, 2011

Through research and case studies, Chuck Martin – CEO of Mobile Future Institute and Director of the Center for Media Research – helps companies understand both why and how to interact with customers through mobile platforms.

Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders

Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders book coverThe Art of Being a True Leader

by Rajeev Peshawaria
Free Press
May, 2011

True leadership comes from the drive to create a better future. After 20 years of training Fortune 500 executives, Peshawaria shows how to discover that energy and spread it throughout the organization.

The Idea Hunter

The Idea Hunter book coverHow to Find the Best Ideas and Make Them Happen

by Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer
April, 2011

Breakthrough ideas come to those who are in the habit of hunting for them – all around them, all the time. This book outlines the process for spotting great ideas and bringing them to life.

The Green to Gold Business Playbook

The Green to Gold Business Playbook book coverHow to Implement Sustainability Practices for Bottom-Line Results in Every Business Function

by Daniel C. Esty and P.J. Simmons
April, 2011

The follow-up to the international bestseller Green to Gold, this book helps any company develop a specific plan for leveraging the power of green to create business value.

Making It Happen

Making It Happen book coverTurning Good Ideas Into Great Results

by Peter Sheahan
BenBella Books
April, 2011

In the follow up to his bestseller, Fl!p, entrepreneur Peter Sheahan offers a five-step plan for turning great ideas into successful business ventures.

Reinventing the Wheel

Reinventing the Wheel book coverThe Science of Creating Lifetime Customers

by Chris Zane
BenBella Books
March, 2011

Iconic entrepreneur Chris Zane shares his hard-won wisdom and the business philosophy that took Zane’s Cycles from a small, teenage dream to a multi-million dollar business. The secret: the ability to consistently exceed customer’s expectations.

Surviving Your Serengeti

Surviving Your Serengeti book cover7 Skills to Master in Business and in Life

by Stefan Swanepoel
March, 2011

In this compelling business fable, Stefan Swanepoel offers a riveting tale of life in Africa’s Serengeti and outlines the seven skills necessary for survival in the Serengeti and in business.

Strengths Based Selling

Strengths Based Selling book cover

by Tony Rutigliano and Brian Brim
Gallup Press
March, 2011

The key to success, salespeople are constantly told, is to follow specific steps and techniques. But according to Gallup, the most successful salespeople understand their unique strengths and use them to sell their way.

The Responsible Business

The Responsible Business book coverReimagining Sustainability & Success

by Carol Sanford
March, 2011

In modern business, social responsibility is central to success. Sanford offers a new and strategic approach to doing business that holistically integrates responsibility into all aspects of an organization, for returns both business and social.


Overconnected book coverThe Promise and Threat of the Internet

by William H. Davidow
Delphinium Books
January, 2011

The luxury of our constant connectivity has not come without a cost. Here, a Silicon Valley legend explains how overconnected systems have caused everything from the loss of privacy to the subprime mortgage crisis.

The Shibumi Strategy

Shibumi Strategy book coverA Powerful Way to Create Meaningful Change

by Matthew E. May
November, 2010

A business fable on applying Zen principles to work & life. Based on the idea of “shibumi” – elegant, effortless performance – this offers a new way to face work and life challenges for balanced solutions.

The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management

Leader's Guide book coverReinventing the Workplace for the 21st Century

by Stephen Denning
October, 2010

Traditional management is broken. Award-winning author Stephen Denning offers today’s managers a unique set of principles that simultaneously inspire high productivity, continuous innovation, deep job satisfaction, and client delight.

You Already Know How to Be Great

You Already Know How to Be Great book coverA Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Greatest Potential

by Alan Fine with Rebecca R. Merrill
October, 2010

According to renowned coach Alan Fine, we all have what it takes to achieve our best. He offers his proven method for removing internal obstacles, so you can reach your potential in business and life.


Empowered book coverUnleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business

by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler
Harvard Business School Press
September 2010

The price of healthcare continues to skyrocket, for both companies and individuals. One CEO explains how, in the midst of the struggle, his mid-sized Midwestern company waged war on health care costs and won.

The Company That Solved Health Care

The Company That Solved Health Care book coverHow Serigraph Dramatically Reduced Skyrocketing Costs While Providing Better Care, and How Every Company Can Do the Same

by John B. Torinus, Jr.
BenBella Books
September, 2010

The price of healthcare continues to skyrocket, for both companies and individuals. One CEO explains how, in the midst of the struggle, his mid-sized Midwestern company waged war on health care costs and won.

The Corporate Lattice

The Corporate Lattice book coverAchieving High Performance In The Changing World of Work

by Cathy Benko and Molly Anderson
Harvard Business Press
August, 2010

Top Deloitte executives Cathy Benko and Molly Anderson make the case that it’s time to dismantle the metaphorical ladder and embrace the corporate lattice, with careers that zig and zag as interest and capacity dictates.


Wellbeing book coverThe Five Essential Elements

by Tom Rath and Jim Harter, Ph.D.
Gallup Press
May, 2010

Tom Rath and Jim Harter, Ph. D. provide a holistic view of what contributes to your wellbeing over a lifetime.

The Power of Pull

The Power of Pull book coverHow Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion

by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison
Basic Books
April, 2010

John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison suggest harnessing the power of pull can also bring us together in new ways to drive more rapid performance improvement (the authors highlight such diverse arenas as extreme surfing and China’s emerging large scale business networks) and provide powerful platforms to more fully achieve our potential.

The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working

The Way We're Working Isn't Working book coverThe Four Forgotten Needs That Energize Great Performance

by Tony Schwartz with Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D.
Free Press
May, 2010

Schwartz, along with co-authors Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy, makes a compelling case for a new kind of workplace, a better way of working and a more deeply satisfying way of life.

The 1% Windfall

The 1% Windfall book coverHow Successful Companies Use Price to Profit and Grow

by Rafi Mohammed
March, 2010

A cogent and well researched follow up to Mohammed’s first book, The Art of Pricing, widely regarded the definitive book on the subject. His new book goes a step further, offering the strategy surrounding pricing.

Go-Givers Sell More

Go-Givers Sell More book coverSubtitle

by Bob Burg and John David Mann
February, 2010

Authors Bob Burg and John David Mann give us a compelling look that proves giving is very often the best way of getting in business, and in life.

Seizing the White Space

Seizing the White Space book coverBusiness Model Innovation For Growth and Renewal

by Mark W. Johnson
Harvard Business School Press
February, 2010

Mark Johnson, Chairman of a high profile innovation consultancy, offers an in depth look at innovating new business models that turn opportunities into game changing moves.


Fascinate book coverYour 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation

by Sally Hogshead
February, 2010

Part history, part pop culture with a heavy dose of what messages mean in business today, FASCINATE has its finger on the pulse of our distracted nation and offers a firm hand for organizations and individuals struggling to keep a toehold in our collective conscious.

The Triangle of Truth

The Triangle of Truth book coverThe Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Large and Small

by Lisa Earle McLeod
January, 2010

Veteran journalist, author, corporate coach, consultant and speaker Lisa Earle McLeod, offers an elegantly simple model for resolving conflict whether your trouble exists in business, relationships, religion or politics. The triangle looks like this – your view is on one side, the other person’s at the other side – the apex is a solution that’s bigger and better than the sum of either argument. It’s more than compromise – it is collaboration.

The Full Plate Diet

The Full Plate Diet book coverSlim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy!

by Stuart A. Seale, M.D., Teresa Sherard, M.D, & Diana Fleming, Ph.D.,LDN
Bard Press
January, 2010

MD’s Stuart Seale, Teresa Sherard and licensed nutritionist Diana Fleming offer a simple, but powerful way to lose weight. Clear, concise and very easy to follow, it’s appropriate for everyone from teens to seniors.

Treat Me Like A Customer

Treat Me Like A Customer book coverUsing Lessons from Work to Succeed in Life

by Louis Upkins
December, 2009

Louis Upkins, a successful African-American entrepreneur with a wife and two children, offers harried working men and women a roadmap for a meaningful, resilient and successful marriage at a time when half of all unions in the United States end in divorce.

Waging War on Complexity Costs

Waging War on Complexity Costs book coverReshape Your Cost Structure, Free Up Cash Flows and Boost Productivity by Attacking Process, Product and Organizational Complexity

by Stephen A. Wilson and Andrei Perumal
November, 2009

The last two decades’ explosive growth created massive complexities in companies and along with them, massive complexity costs. Using real life examples from companies like Procter & Gamble, Kraft and Motorola, Stephen A. Wilson and Andrei Perumal outline the six principles behind the costs and a four-part plan for attacking them.

Rich People Shop Here

Rich People Shop Here book coverA Tale of Love, Redemption, and Bargain Hunting

by Dennis Welch
Intermedia Publishing Group
November, 2009

The story of Patsy Welch whose first 80 years have been filled with sadness, struggle, alcohol, death, and divorce. But that’s not the way Patsy sees it. In the face of obstacles that would make others crumble, Patsy met adversity with a faith so strong and friendships so resilient it will forever change the way you see the world.

Power of 2

Power of 2 book coverHow to Make the Most of Your Partnerships at Work and in Life

by Rodd Wagner, Gale Muller, Ph.D.
Gallup Press
November, 2009

After five years of research, Gallup experts Rodd Wagner and Dr. Gale Muller crack the code for creating the most successful partnerships

Your Next Move

Your Next Move book coverThe Leader’s Guide to Navigating Major Career Transitions

by Michael Watkins
Harvard Business Press
October, 2009

Leadership-transition guru Michael Watkins shows how you can survive and thrive in all the major transitions you will face during your career, including promotion, on-boarding into a new organization, and making an international move.

“I Love You More Than My Dog”

I Love You More Than My DogFive Decisions that Drive Extreme Customer Loyalty in Good Times and Bad

by Jeanne Bliss
October, 2009

Customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss shares the five key decisions for creating companies that rise above and create an unbreakable human connection with their customers.

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

Leading with Cultural Intelligence book cover

by David Livermore
October, 2009

David Livermore breaks new ground, offering today’s global workforce a specific, four-part plan to become more adept at managing across cultures.

Wired For Thought

Wired For Thought book coverHow the Brain is Shaping the Future of the Internet

by Jeffrey M. Stibel
Harvard Business Press
September, 2009

Jeffrey Stibel shows how exceptional companies are using their understanding of the Internet’s brainlike powers to create competitive advantage – such as building more effective websites, predicting consumer behaviors, leveraging social media, and creating a collective consciousness.

Duck and (Re) Cover

Duck and (Re) Cover book coverThe Embattled Business Owners Guide to Survival and Growth

by Steve Little
July, 2009

Duck and (Re) Cover is the ultimate business owner’s guide to prevailing and prospering through tough economic times. It questions much of the “conventional wisdom” we all hear about recessions and instead offers an irreverently “common sense” approach to survival and growth in the midst of economic uncertainty.

Being Strategic

Being Strategic book coverPlan for Success, Outthink Your Competitors, and Stay Ahead of Change

by Erika Andersen
St. Martin’s Press
June, 2009

Being Strategic by Erika Andersen is a roadmap for consistently making choices that best move you toward your desired future. What’s more, it explains why being strategic is worth the time and effort required, what’s involved, and how to do it.

In Pursuit of Elegance

In Pursuit of Elegance book coverWhy the Best Ideas Have Something Missing

by Matthew E. May
May, 2009

Former Toyota executive Matthew May digs deep into what he calls elegant solutions — those that combine surprising power and uncommon simplicity — that not only fix problems but also create value.

Collapse of Distinction

Collapse of Distinction book coverStand out and move up while your competition fails

by Scott McKain
Thomas Nelson
April, 2009

Collapse of Distinction is a road map and primer to real growth and real change. And as author Scott McKain writes, “an economic downturn is tailor made for grabbing market share from your competitor.”

How Full Is Your Bucket?

How Full Is Your Bucket for Kids book coverFor Kids

by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer
Gallup Press
April, 2009

How Full Is your Bucket? For Kids delivers the message of the power of positive words and actions to a younger audience, teaching kids that every moment matters and how each interaction they have affects their own sense of well-being and that of others.

Say Yes to No

Say Yes to No book coverUsing the Power of No to Create the Best in Life, Work, and Love

by Greg Cootsona
March, 2009

A new book by pastor Greg Cootsona offers us all a permission slip to say no — to create the space and time for the things and the people that really matter to us.

Taming the Search-And-Switch Customer

Taming the Search-And-Switch Customer book coverEarning Loyalty in a Compulsion-to-Compare World

by Jill Griffin
Jossey Bass
March, 2009

Customer loyalty guru and award-winning author Jill Griffin offers an essential guidebook for customer loyalty’s big, new threat, the “compulsion -to-compare” in the age of Google.

The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

The 100 Best Business Books of All Time book coverWhat They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You

by Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten
February, 2009

After years of reading, evaluating, and selling business books, Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten are the most respected experts on the category. Now, they have chosen the 100 best business titles of all time–the ones that deliver the biggest payoff for today’s busy readers.

The Power of Who

The Power of Who book coverYou Already Know Everyone you Need to Know

by Bob Beaudine
Center Street
January, 2009

Bob Beaudine delivers a much needed dose of optimism, along with a prescriptive plan for getting ahead.

Strengths Based Leadership

Strengths Based Leadership book coverA Landmark Study of Great Leaders, Teams, and The Reasons Why We Follow

By Tom Rath and Barry Conchie
Gallup Press
January, 2009

Nearly a decade ago, Gallup unveiled the results of a landmark 30-year research project that ignited a global conversation on the topic of strengths. More than three million people have since taken Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment, which forms the core of several books on this topic, including the #1 international bestseller StrengthsFinder 2.0.


Halftime book coverMoving From Success to Significance

by Bob Buford
January, 2009

Widely embraced by leaders worldwide, Halftime gave rise to a movement that allowed the successful to evaluate their lives, often around the time they hit 50, and make changes to their lives and their life’s work that considered the lasting mark they wished to leave behind.

The Great Depression Ahead

The Great Depression Ahead book coverHow to Prosper in the Crash that Follows the Greatest Boom in History

by Harry S. Dent Jr.
Free Press
January, 2009

Harry S. Dent predicts that our economy is on course toward a major depression, not unlike the one that struck Japan a decade ago.

How to Castrate a Bull

How to Castrate a Bull book coverUnexpected Lessons on Risk, Growth and Survival

by Dave Hitz with Pat Walsh
January, 2009

Hitz and collaborator Pat Walsh tell the compelling tale of their tech company, NetApp’s creation, search for funding, struggle for survival, and ultimate success.

Beyond Halftime

Beyond Halftime book coverPractical Wisdom for Your Second Half

by Bob Buford
January, 2009

Beyond Halftime is Buford’s report from the front lines of living the life that his first book inspired for so many.

How the Wise Decide

How the Wise Decide book coverThe Lessons of 21 Extraordinary Leaders

by Bryn Zeckhauser and Aaron Sandoski
Crown Business
September, 2008

Bryn Zeckhauser and Aaron Sandoski, Harvard MBAs who are also alumni of the powerhouse consulting firm McKinsey & Company, found that despite their elite training, they felt ill-prepared to make the countless business decisions their work demanded. So they set out to fill the void in their business training, spending three years speaking to 21 of the world’s most renowned leaders, from CEOs to Prime Ministers, to get the collective wisdom of leaders known for their ability to steer everything from companies to countries, in good times and bad. These are the lessons they learned.

Hope, Not Fear

Hope, Not Fear book coverA Path to Jewish Renaissance

by Edgar M. Bronfman and Beth Zasloff
St. Martin’s Press
September, 2008

A distinguished Jewish leader and philanthropist argues for openness and joy to reinvigorate Judaism in America.

Money Wise

Money Wise book coverHow to Create, Grow, and Preserve Your Wealth

by A. Michael Lipper with Douglas R. Sease
St. Martin’s Press
September, 2008

This legendary Wall Street Journal investor and inventor of the Lipper Averages, reveals how to gain, keep, spend, grow and bequeath wealth.

Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office

Nice Guys Can Get the Corner Office book coverEight Strategies for Winning in Business Without Being a JERK

by Russ Edelman, Tim Hiltabiddle, and Charles C. Manz
July, 2008

A contrarian look at why being a nice guy in business and life has more advantages than suggested by the conventional, and very dated, business wisdom which has long held that “nice guys never get ahead.”

Millionaire By Thirty

Millionaire By Thirty book coverThe Quickest Path to Early Financial Independence

by Douglas R. Andrew, Emron D. Andrew, Aaron R. Andrew
Business Plus
May, 2008

Douglas R. Andrew, Emron D. Andrew, and Aaron R. Andrew offer a not-your-parents-approach to managing money and generating wealth for those still juggling student loans, new credit cards and the monthly rent.

Stall Points

Stall Points book coverMost Companies Stop Growing — Yours Doesn’t Have To

by Matthew Olson and Derek van Bever
Yale University Press
May, 2008

Matthew Olson and Derek van Bever of the Corporate Executive Board explore the issues surrounding growth stalls as a growing number of big companies reach what the authors have identified as the “danger zone” for continuing to grow.

The Milkshake Moment

The Milkshake Moment book coverOvercoming Stupid Systems, Pointless Policies and Muddled Management to Realize Real Growth

by Steven Little
May, 2008

Growth expert and widely acclaimed speaker Steven S. Little sheds new light on the problem of realizing sustainable growth with his cogent, crisp and irresistibly appealing new book.

The New Age of Innovaton

The New Age of Innovaton book coverDriving Co-Created Value Through Global Networks

by C.K. Prahalad and M.S. Krishnan
McGraw Hill
May, 2008

C.K. Prahalad argues that organizations must build their strategy around technology and business processes and use all means at their disposal, including outsourcing, to get the best systems possible. Once these systems are in place, the rest of the organization must revolve around them.

Hug Your People

Hug Your People book coverThe Proven Way to Hire, Inspire and Recognize Your Employees and Achieve Remarkable Results

by Jack Mitchell
March, 2008

Jack Mitchell, co-owner of several well-known and family owned clothing stores and author of a bestselling book on serving customers, is on a crusade to bring back the good, old fashioned hug.

Becoming a Resonant Leader

Who Speaks for Islam book coverDevelop Your Emotional Intelligence, Review Your Relationships, Sustain Your Effectiveness

by Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis and Frances Johnston
Harvard Business School Press
March, 2008

Today’s leaders are facing more pressure than ever before. Even the best and strongest are being forced to balance the strain of driving quarterly results or short term political gains while dealing with tumultuous economic and political climates. They need help and direction to face the challenges ahead.

Who Speaks for Islam?

Who Speaks for Islam book coverWhat a Billion Muslims Really Think

by John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed
Gallup Press
March, 2008

John L. Esposito, one of the leading experts on the Muslim world, and Dalia Mogahed, Gallup’s executive director of Muslim studies, offer readers an evidence-based understanding of extremism, the role of women in Muslim societies, Islam, and democracy, and what more than a billion Muslims really think about the West.

The Middle-Class Millionaire

The Middle-Class Millionaire book coverHow the New Rich Are Transforming America

by Russ Alan Prince and Lewis Schiff
February, 2008

In this groundbreaking book, Russ Alan Prince and Lewis Schiff examine the far-reaching impact of the middle class millionaires – people who enjoy a net worth ranging from one to ten million dollars who have earned rather than inherited their wealth.

Operation China

Operation China book coverFrom Strategy to Execution

by Jimmy Hexter and Jonathan Woetzel
Harvard Business School Press
December, 2007

With 460 of the Fortune 500 companies currently operating in China, McKinsey executives Jimmy Hexter and Jonathan Woetzel carefully examine the fluid business environment and the urgent need for strategy to give way to flawless execution.

Human Sigma

Human Sigma book coverCreating Value At The Employee Customer Encounter

by John H. Fleming, PhD and James Asplund
Gallup Press
November, 2007

Six Sigma transformed the manufacturing side of business, bringing excellence, quality and conformity to finished goods. Human Sigma will bring the same excellence to the greatest challenge in business today – managing people.

Beyond Success

Beyond Success book coverBuilding a Personal, Financial, and Philanthropic Legacy

by Randall J. Ottinger
McGraw Hill
October, 2007

This book offers a new model for those who want to ensure not only their own future, but also make sure that their money is used in a way that matters. Ottinger’s personal story of managing his family’s wealth and philanthropic efforts, coupled with the book’s cogent and practical advice will appeal to this large and growing audience.

The Age of Speed

The Age of Speed book coverLearning to thrive in a More-Faster-Now World

by Vince Poscente
Bard Press
September, 2007

For everyone feeling trampled by the speed of life and business, author Vince Poscente reveals how to get ahead of the rush once and for all. Unraveling the notion that in today’s world we need to slow down, Poscente illustrates why harnessing the power of speed is the ultimate solution for those seeking less stress, less busyness, and more balance.

Mass Career Customization

Mass Career Customization book coverAligning the Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce

by Cathleen Benko and Anne Weisberg
Harvard Business School Press
September, 2007

A wake up call to corporate America that the time is overdue for a shift in the workplace to better suit the increasingly scarce and knowledge-driven labor force.

Karma Queens, Geek Gods AND Innerpreneurs

Karma Queens, Geek Gods AND Innerpreneurs book coverMeet the 9 Consumer Types Shaping Today’s Marketplace

by Ron Rentel with Joe Zellnik
June, 2007

Ron Rentel looks at nine of the most common consumer types and offers an expert slant on what and why than buy.

Mobilizing Minds

Mobilizing Minds book coverThe New Imperative for Growth In the 21st Century Organization

by Lowell L. Bryan
McGraw Hill
June, 2007

Two top McKinsey executives dictate a redesign of corporate structure so that today’s companies are getting the maximum value from the talent, knowledge, relationships and skills of their workforce.

Seduced by Success

Seduced by Success book coverHow the Best Companies Survive the 9 Traps of Winning

by Bob Herbold
McGraw Hill
May, 2007

Bob Herbold takes a close look at 44 companies, and not only makes a powerful case for why success can be a serious business vulnerability but he also offers prescriptive advice for avoiding the nine most common pitfalls along the way.

The Mona Lisa Strategem

The Mona Lisa Strategem book coverThe Art of Women, Age, and Power

by Harriet Rubin
Warner Books
May, 2007

Harriet Rubin looks to history to boldly proclaim that women need no longer wrestle with time to try to slow its destructive force—but should instead consider it a crucial element in reaching their peak of power.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

StrengthsFinder 2.0 book coverNow, Discover Your Strengths

by Tom Rath
Gallup Press
March, 2007

The StrengthsFinder exam, is an online assessment that helps readers identify their top five talents and learn how to use them to their best advantage. Strengths Finder 2.0 will make the test more valuable to readers and offer new strategies and a top 10 list of action items so that readers can use their strengths at work every day.

12: The Elements of Great Management

12: The Elements of Great Management book cover

by Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter, Ph.D.
Gallup Press
November, 2006

12: The Elements of Great Managing is the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 runaway bestseller First, Break All the Rules. Grounded in Gallup’s 10 million employee and manager interviews spanning 114 countries, 12 follows great managers as they harness employee engagement to turn around a failing call center, save a struggling hotel, improve patient care in a hospital, maintain production through power outages, and successfully face a host of other challenges in settings around the world. Authors Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter weave the latest Gallup insights with recent discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, game theory, psychology, sociology, and economics. Written for managers and employees of companies large and small, 12 explains what every company needs to know about creating and sustaining employee engagement