Five Questions with Dylan Schleicher, managing editor for 800-CEO-READ’s ChangeThis

Dylan Schleicher

This week, we are delighted to feature Dylan Schleicher for the fourth installment of our “Five Questions with…” series. Dylan is managing editor of ChangeThis and in-house designer and resident illustrator for 800-CEO-READ.  Though he…

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Five Questions with Harvey Schachter, management columnist for The Globe and Mail

Harvey Schachter headshot

For this week’s installment of our “Five Questions with…” series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Harvey Schachter, management columnist for the Toronto-based daily The Globe and Mail. Harvey writes the Monday Morning Manager, Managing…

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Five Questions with Teresa Novellino, Editor for Upstart Business Journal

It’s our second installment of the series, and we’re very pleased to feature Teresa Novellino. Teresa is the Entrepreneurs and Enterprises Editor for Upstart Business Journal (formerly known as Portfolio) and here at CHC, we often work…

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Five Questions with John Nash, co-host, Sirius XM Radio’s “The Focus Group”

John Nash, co-host, Sirius XM Radio

This blog once hosted a Q&A series with the top leaders in book publishing (you can read interviews with Clay Smith of the Texas Book Festival, Susan Williams of Jossey-Bass, Ben Loehnen of Simon & Schuster, Jack Covert of 800-CEO-READ and…

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Make time for reading during your holiday!

book of wonder

2013 has marked another year of tumultuous change for the book industry. With mergers, acquisitions, lawsuits and authors facing a whole new array of methods to introduce their work to the world, it is safe to say publishing will never been the…

What’s a Platform and Why Do I Need One?


Authors in search of everything from a publishing deal to greater sales or more media attention are increasingly being told to “build a platform” – or create a stronger one. In theory, this strategy makes complete sense. The difficulty is…

Capitalizing on a great media placement


As book publicists, we have the joy of working with authors and publishers to bring important books to widespread attention – chiefly through strategic media placements. These placements are typically the result of many months of planning and…

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What Book Is in Your Beach Bag?

Beach Read photo

Today marks the official start of summer and the beginning of the season when sun and vacations conspire to make everyone feel a little liberated. Or at the very least, as though they can squeeze in some much needed downtime. As a devoted book…

Survey Says…Six Tips for turning research into media coverage

Generating a study is a great way to breathe new life into an evergreen message

We make it a rule not to write about our own clients on this blog. We want to keep this space as a forum for sharing ideas about book publishing, business books, and publicity at large, and never let it morph into a self-promotional machine. But…

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The Crazy Bookcase…Every Office Needs One

Next week is a big week for the Cave Henricks team, ya’ll – we’re throwing a party! That’s right, the time has finally come to show off the new digs that we share with our partner, Shelton Interactive. It’s going to be fun night filled…