Media interview series: Five Questions with Rupert Allman, executive producer of PRI’s “The Takeaway”

Rupert Allman

We are beyond excited to feature Rupert Allman, executive producer of “The Takeaway,” for this week’s installment of the “Five Questions With…” media interview series. “The Takeaway” is a co-production of PRI and WNYC radio, in collaboration with…

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Media interview series: Five Questions with Bill Frank, host of KVTA-AM’s “The Bill Frank Radio Show”

Bill Frank, Host of "The Bill Frank Radio Show"

We had the pleasure of speaking with Bill Frank for this week’s installment of the “Five Questions With…”  media interview series. Bill is the host of “The Bill Frank Radio Show,” airing on KVTA-AM out of Ventura County, CA. Here is…

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Media interview series: Five Questions with Lydia Dishman, contributor to Fast Company & Forbes

Lydia Dishman Business Journalist

Lydia Dishman is a business journalist who covers a lot of ground with a lot of publications. Some of her most often covered topics include leadership, innovation, and retail, for publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, and The New York Times. At…

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Media interview series: Five Questions with Mitch Teich, Co-host and Executive Producer for WUWM’s Lake Effect

Mitch Teich, WUWM Lake Effect

I started my career on the receiving end of pitches as an Assistant Producer at WUWM’s Lake Effect Program. It was an experience that lead me to book publishing (all I wanted to do was interview authors) and one that, still to this day, shapes my…

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Media interview series: Five Questions with Forbes Leadership Editor Fred Allen

Fred Allen, Forbes Leadership Editor

  Fred Allen is the Leadership Editor for Forbes, overseeing the Leadership Department as well as the Leadership section and CEO Network for We have been working with Fred since he took the position in 2008, most often…

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Five Questions with Steve Watkins, Reporter, Investor’s Business Daily

Steve Watkins, Investor

In this latest installment of our journalist Q&A series, we chat with Steve Watkins, reporter for Investor’s Business Daily. Steve writes for the Leaders & Success column, where he focuses on the themes of honesty, integrity, ethics,…

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Signed pre-order books: the author behind the trend

John Green signature

What follows is a guest post from Kate Henricks, sophomore English major at Hendrix College. About three years ago—well before movie theaters all over the country began amassing enough tears for John Green to fill his own personal saltwater…

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Media interview series: Five Questions with Josh Ellis, Features Editor for Success Magazine

Josh Ellis, Success Features Editor

Success provides its readers with practical advice, ideas and training on leadership, goal setting, time management, selling and personal development. It offers guidance and insight from CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs and achievers. Regular…

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Summer Reading

Public Domain Images - - Blue Water Ocean Mountain Dock Pier Mist Clouds

Summer is officially in full swing and the July 4th weekend is fast approaching – there’s no better time than now to pick out the perfect beach read! Along with fireworks, watermelon and ice cream, it’s the only way to complete the festive…

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Five Questions with Ted Kinni, senior editor at strategy+business

Ted Kinni_Headshot

To continue our “Five Questions with…” series, this week we spoke with Ted Kinni, senior editor for books at strategy+business. Ted reviews an array of business books for s+b, but he particularly enjoys books that emphasize the human…

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