7 PR Questions Every Author Should Ask

PR questions for authors

Is there something that keeps you up at night when your thoughts turn to the upcoming launch of your new book?

Someone brilliant on my staff (Jessica Krakoski) suggested I start asking this question when speaking with potential clients. I love it, not only because it prompts surprising answers, but also because it helps everyone get clear, very quickly, on goals.

Authors too often think in broad terms when defining success. A lot of sales, a good bit of media notice, oh, and by the way, it would be great if this book helps me sell more consulting and raise my speaking fees.

Do you understand the problem with that list? It isn’t helpful in mapping a strategy. It suggests ways you might succeed but doesn’t really commit to any of them. It feels like a standard, check the boxes form that none of us likes to fill out in part because the answers suggest that it’s a trade-off, with no option to combine several outcomes.

Before you hire a publicist, sign off on a PR or marketing plan, or invest any effort in making the world aware that you’ve just written a whole book for heaven’s sake, put a few more words on paper and answer these seven questions:

DIY Book Publicity: What Every Author Can Do

DIY Book PUblicity

I regularly meet with new authors eager for attention for their work. For many, a full-time publicist isn’t an option. Fortunately, today’s media landscape is rife with opportunity for the DIYer. I was inspired to put together this short list of suggestions after more than two decades of working in book publicity and, very recently, becoming an author myself. Is it subjective? Yes. But I guarantee that it’s a great place to start when you find yourself thinking you should do “something” about your PR.
These tips are specifically for those promoting their own work, but if you have a publicist, they’re still a great place to start and will make you an awesome and collaborative client.

What Literary Agents Love

Literary Agent Jud Laghi

The changing publishing world has left many confused about literary agents. Do you need one? How do you get one? What do they do? We sat down with Literary Agent Jud Laghi to learn more about why you need an agent in the DIY era of publishing and a better idea of what they really do.

Jump Start Your PR Plan

PR plan 2016

The New Year provides a great chance to restart your PR plans. Some good ways to get started include refreshing your social media profiles, write a new blog post or column, find ten journalists to follow on Twitter, schedule a networking event and identify one stretch goals.